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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Spray Dyed Bag

Another Altered Arts project here for you.  Altered Arts Magazine offers so many ideas and tutorials, as well as the website, with a blog link, and products you might like to use in your designs.

Several techniques embody this project.  The bag is canvas, a small one, great for stashing your smart phone, keys, and money.  You can wear it around your neck or use it like a wristlet.  

The canvas bag is stuffed with paper and then sprayed with various spray inks.  Any brand will work well with this.  Remember that wherever you overlap colors, they will blend and mix.  I like to use newsprint to block out areas that I want to keep the original color when I spray others next to it.

The image in the middle is a collage piece, transferred via printer onto fabric.  It is mounted on another piece of fabric using fuseable adhesive.  

On top of the image, I used a clear lacquer thinly, and added clear, hole-less beads.  It adds a dimensional quality to the collage.  The photo does not show how cool this effect is!

Sewn are charms to add more dimension that pops out from the bag.

The trim with beads is also fused to the top of the bag and fibers sewn at each end to create a handle/strap.

The basics of this design include:

*  Spray inks
*  Printer collage image printed onto inkjet fabric
*  Fusing fabric with fuseable adhesive.
*  Hole-less beads for dimension, depth, and sparkle.

This technique is transferable to any type art style you would like to work on.  Different types of canvases and bags, wood, paper (good cardstock or chipboard), and using acid-free products, in scrapbooks.  Do not be afraid to fuse onto paper!

If ever you want to share your creations with me, find me on Facebook, and send me a message with the photo of your art!  I'd love to see what you design.

I always do my posts on the 10th and 24th of each month, so look for them!!!  Also check out the link above to Altered Arts Magazine to download an E copy of the magazine, or subscribe if you'd like to (Makes it easy to insure you get your issue every month).

Cre8tively Yours - Lea

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