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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Helmar 450 Quick Drying Adhesive - Encaustic Art

Viva Las VegaStamps has Teamed up with Helmar!  Link to Viva Las VegaStamps Blog. 
Helmar: Find the Friend that Blooms
VLVS Images:
10679- Time Passes Friends Stay The Same
10929 - Spotty Background
10680- Stain Glass Mosiac Background
19074- Grid Washi Background
19073 - Lines Washi Background
Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive
Rectangle Coaster
Decorative Paper Words
UmWow - Daisy and arrow from Arrow Mash
Kandi Hot Melt Wax Tool, Tips, and Wax
Helmar Quick Drying Glue is perfect for the paper collaging before the wax, and then to adhere the UmWow Chipboard pieces. The gel formula can be applied thick or thin, depending on the surface.
1.  Take the coaster and collage ripped deocrative paper.  Adhere with Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive.  Use the tip to spread the adhesive thinly or use a scrap piece of sponge (I have a box with sponge pieces).
2.  The encaustic set up is a non-stick craft sheet, encaustic wax, wax tools/tips, and a soft cloth to wipe off excess wax when changing color.  Umounted VLVS images ready to press into the wax.

 3.  In the areas where you want to impress stamps, you need to layer wax thickly onto the surface.  Do not worry if the stamp has wax on it after you impress.   Use a heat tool to melt wax on stamp and use cloth to rub off liquid wax.  The wax kit comes with a wire brush which can be used in crevices to remove stubborn stuck wax.   Vulcanization to make the stamp is hotter than the wax tool, so you will not ruin your stamp.
4.  Tinting and other paint techniques used to create art.

5.  You can see the texture on the above photo, from impressing the stamps.  It is sort of subliminal on some levels as you might not see what the stamp exactly is.  Some cases you can.  The idea is to add pattern and dimension on the surface of the wax.

See the pattern and texture added with the stamps as well as the painting and tinting with tools.

6.  The Daisy was painted and impressed with wax.  The arrow is left natural.  Use the Helmar adhesive thickly on the daisy and arrow and press on the surface of the collage.  The words need only a little bit of adhesive.  As I mentioned, the gel consistency of the adhesive lends itself to any thin or thick project.

Utilizing many medias is so much fun.  Each medium makes my heart sing as I use them.  Stamps are of images, but also for patterns, and other uses as a tool. 

When you need an adhesive for items that need the extra strength and sturdiness of 3D embellishments, Hellmar's Adhesives are what you are looking for!!!  Quick drying on collage work!

See our fearless leader and Marketing Director of Viva Las VegaStamps DeeDee's amazing art - with mine, on today's blog....  VLVS BLOG

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea

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