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Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby Wipe Technique - Technique Tuesday

Just as the name, Technique Tuesday has wonderful techniques to help one create or inspire them to think outside the box!!  I am going to show their Baby Wipe Reinker PadTechnique!!!  This is the most inexpensive way to make your own color palettes for stamping.

The look is reminiscent of tie dye or paper batik.  I love it!  And - it is Very Easy To Do!!!!!

Basic Supplies:
Stamps - Solid Stamps Give a Bolder Effect
Acrylic Stamp Block
Baby Wipe
Dye Based Reinkers
Smooth or Glossy Cardstock

1.  Place baby wipe over acrylic block.  Add drops of reinker on to the baby wipe, creating a stamping pad palette.  Don't worry if the colors look dark, as you can see; the images stamp bright and vibrant but not dark.

2.  Tap stamp on the palette you made.  I used a magenta, blue, purple, and green reinker. Experiment with drops of reinker.  Overlap, or do straight lines.  Note: that where colors overlap you create new colors!!!  Remember art in grade school?  Red + Blue = purple, etc.
Start With Light Colors, then go to the Dark Colors. Think about where you placed the colors and where you want color to pick up to stamp.  Stamp on smooth or glossy cardstock.

3.  Play and turn stamp on the palette in different directions to pick up a different blend of colors.  For the fern leaf, I chose to stay in the purple/green range on the palette.

See the watercolor, tie dye effect???

To finish the card, I found some decorative paper and used a brush to pick up some of the colors from the palette and enhanced the paper.  I used my heat tool to dry any wet areas.

Cut the images you want to use out and adhere them in a pleasing manner on your decorative card stock.  Adhere that to another folded cardstock to create a card.  I added a little glitter, and colored the background of the dragonfly so it melts into the background.

The last step is to add fibers that match the colors from the palette I stamped the images from.

Check Technique Tuesday's website and choose a technique or two to try!!!! 


  1. Fantastic technique, beautiful work!

  2. What a beautiful card and gorgeous use of color! LOVE the images you used and I think it just ended up being marvelous! Thank you SO MUCH for joining our DT call at Technique Tuesday! Hope you join in our challenge this month, too! :)

  3. Sandra an extreme compliment coming from you! Mynnette', thank you...I love color so this technique was so fun to do. Off to check the challenge!

  4. What a fun technique, Lea! You are so right--it DOES look like tie dye or batik!


  5. Oh Lea I love how you used the baby wipe technique. Your colors turned out so pretty! Thank you for joining our DT call at Technique Tuesday! Best of luck.

    (P.S. Please come back and try our 3D pedestal this month!)

  6. Gorgeous card! Love the colors, images, and textures! Thank you so much for joining our DT Call at Technique Time Tuesday!
    Nancy xx :D