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Saturday, January 7, 2012

The 7% Solution

New art for Viva Las Vegastamp's Blog!  Yes it is Sherlock Holmes and it's Steampunk.  I posted about Sherlock but not the story about that in the books, Sherlock Shoots up with Cocaine, seems to help him with his process of solving crimes.  Freud thought cocaine was a great tool to helping people with depression and other ailments, but then he found out himself how addictive this drug was.  Too Late!  Freud and other became addicted but Freud was able to get off of it.   The 7% Solution is the amount of cocaine mix that Sherlock put in his syringe...weird facts!

I recently saw From Hell (saw it years ago) with Johnny Depp playing the inspector trying to solve the Jack the Ripper murders.  I think her portrayed his character after Sherlock Holmes because his character would go to an opium den or use laudanum to product "visions" which helped him with the case.

From reading and watching Documentary type TV shows, I learn a lot of unusual facts.

Be sure to see what great steampunk stamps VLVS has for creating art from this period.

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