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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New USArtQuest DT Entry

I had the extreme pleasure of being part of the first USArtQuest's first Design Team using products that are near and dear to my heart.  These are media that speak to my fine art background, lending to my love of creating mixed-media art.

The second DT will start in January, and I would like to share my entry for re-joining the team.  Please click the links above and check out all the amazing paints, tools, and products to fill an artist's dream!  Click on the link to the blog and join to receive their wonderful newsletter filled with ideas, specials, and USAQ news right in you inbox. 

Festive Paper Mache' Bowl

Note:  If you are not adventurous to create your own bowl, USAQ carries Satin Mache', a perfect base to paint and decorate.

USAQ Supplies:

Other Supplies:
Plastic Bowl
Newspaper, scrap paper, newsprint, bits and pieces of decorative papers
Leaf Stamp and Blue Ink Pad
Awl or Crop-a-dile

1.  Cover your work surface with plastic or anything to protect the area where you are creating.  Turn the plastic bowl upside down and apply a thin layer of Vaseline.  The Vaseline will keep the bowl from sticking to the paper mache' as you go along.  I believe plastic wrap will work as well, but I prefer the "old fashion" way of using Vaseline.

2.  Cut or rip papers into strips.  Using scraps are fine, but make sure they aren't too wide.  Pour some PPA Gloss into a Studio Cup.  Dip the strips of paper into the PPA Gloss, and use your fingers to squeeze off extra adhesive (Plastic gloves are fine for those who don't like to get their hands dirty!).  Starting with the top of the bowl, lay the paper strips down one at a time, overlapping and covering the whole bowl.  Once the bowl is covered, add 2-3 more layers of strips, covering the whole bowl.  Let the bowl dry ( Overnight will ensure it is dried through).

3.  Once the paper mache' is dried, remove it off of the plastic bowl carefully.  Pour the Perfect Pigment colors into Studio Cups and use your Perfect Brushes to start painting the surface.  The above bowl was done in a free-form style, painting it mostly copper, adding gold here and there, and then a little bit of blue.  Once the paint dried, I added more gold in areas.  The inside of the bowl is almost all copper. 

4.  Stamp the leaf image twice onto  2 pieces of  Unryu Paper with the blue ink pad.  Rip the edges of the paper and adhere to each side of the bowl using PPA Gloss.

5.  Use the awl or a Crop-a-dile to punch holes around the top of the bowl.  Measure fibers to so that the length goes 3 times around the bowl parameter.  Starting at the top of the bowl, start doing a simple over cast stitch (see illustration) starting at the front of the bowl and going all the way around, coming back to the front of the bowl.  Tie the ends in knots.  Take more fibers, folded in half and tie with the extra ends of the fibers that was laced through the bowl.  There should be a little bit of ends left, and tie the button on.  Clip off any extra ends that remain. 

The finished bowl is perfect for candy, holding mail, paperback books, trinkets.  This decorative piece will enhance any home decor'.  Make a few bowls in different sizes for a complete accent for the room for display.  Very popular are little balls either paper, wood, glass, etc. that are set in a tray or bowl for a room accent.  Design your own bowl for a wonderful artistic edge for home decorating!

I have been using USAQ products from the time the company began.  They are products I can NEVER do without!  USAQ has products for all art styles from fine art to scrapbooking.

Hope you have enjoyed my design, stay tuned and see if I have the great pleasure to create on this round of the DT!! 

Make sure you check the website and blog.

I created this design for the last DT, and now it's ready to go out as a Christmas card!!!  Mica Color Powders, Gildenglitz, and Mica Flakes adorn this design.