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Monday, August 16, 2010

USAQ Tutorial #5: Creative Color with Perfect Pigment

"More color, unspoiled by meaning and unallied with definite form, can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways."  - Oscar Wilde

Playful Post It Note Holder

Color makes me sing, makes me happy.  If we all lived in a world like the movie Pleasantville, no color; I would be so sad.  Of course in the movie, color came alive and so did the people!  I'm one of those who walks into a beauty store and wants to buy all the shades of eye shadows because they are pretty!!  Color is rich and beautiful and makes any work of art come alive.

This tutorial is using a fun, easy technique to use color overlay.  We will use the Perfect Pigment kit, sponging colors and then over stamping on top. The Studio Canvas surface is ideal for this project and many others. 


Perfect Pigment Kit (USAQ)
 Perfect Pigments in a variety of colors
  Mixing Cups
Studio Canvas (USAQ)
Pefect Brushes (USAQ)
Rubber Stamps
Velcro self-adhesive circle hook and loop
Pattern of Post It holder (Donovan Templates has a lot)
Paper Towels
Computer - opptional

1.  Cut canvas to size.  I cut my canvas to 8 1/2 x 11 and printed the outline of the Post It holder on the back.  The front side of the canvas is a beautiful, pre-primed white so there is no prep involved before painting.

2.  Using the sponges in the kit, sponge various colors of Perfect Pigment onto the canvas.  Don't worry about placement, the pattern is on the back.  Remember your color theory where red + blue = purple, red + yellow = orange, and so on.  As you sponge and overlap colors, you will create new colors!  I use Metallic Gold Light as an accent on top of all the colors, randomly sponged here and there. 

3.  Using a wood or unmounted rubber stamp, use Purple Mist and sponge some color onto the stamp and then stamp it onto the canvas where you just painted.  Repeat the process and fill the area.  Once the paint is dried, turn the canvas over and fill in open, white areas with Metallic Gold Light and a few other colors so the inside is as pretty as the outside.

4.  Once the whole piece of canvas is dried, cut out the pattern.  PPA is a great adhesive to mount the Post It notes on the inside middle of the holder.  Fold up the bottom and top.  Remove the first backing exposing sticky material from one Velcro hook and loop (keep them stuck together for placement) and stick to the top of the Post It holder where the little circular curve is.  Remove the second backing, leaving the hook and loop together and close the Post It holder in place.  This will ensure you have the hook and loop in a place where they will line up again when you open and close the holder. 

5.  Add a bead or two and fibers to the front.  This idea can be used for a bigger size, to create a purse or even a vest.  I could also add magnets to the back so it would stick to the fridge or even fibers on the inside top to create a Post It necklace - or create a photo brag book necklace! 

Here is the backside and the inside of the Post It Holder.  The inside gives you a glimpse of what the canvas looked like before I stamped it.  The backside shows how the piece looked after I stamped it.  Perfect Pigments are PURE liquid acrylics.  They flow, and are made without fillers so you get the brightest, cleanest pigments possible.  Because they flow so smoothly, every brushstroke is consistent and uniform.

Save all your scraps because they can be used for other projects!


We have a Guest Designer  in the house!!!  Lori describes her style as grungy/shabby chic!  You can visit Lori's blog here:
A wonderful artist you must stop and see, along with the other outstanding creative forces behind USAQ DT!!!  - Find their links to the right under USAQ DT!

More Fab Art from Lori on her blog!

Do not let these paints fool you!  You can go as heavy or as light handed with painting as you would like to.  The paint stays flexible (perfect for working on t-shirts), and on the canvas surface any project is pliable so one can use it to make home decor' items.  Here is a tole painted flower.

Here are a couple more samples of art done with Perfect Pigments.  I did a technique that I used with preschoolers and tempera, just replaced the tempera with Perfect Pigments.  Using a rubber band to cover cardboard and squirting out the PP colors, makes a cool effect. 

Lastly, a painted the canvas, stamped on it, printed on the canvas and painted on the printed pic.


  1. Lea!! I love all that you've done with your projects! Do you have any paints left! Love the rubber band idea.

  2. Wow Lea! Totally fab projects, and the tutorial is really superb! That painted background is a stellar idea! Love it!

  3. Oh, and thanks for the little blurf on me! I appreciate it! (and I'm blushing severely, lol!)