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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Gel Press: Earth Day, Upcycle Coaster

Upcycle a glass coaster using various Gel Press Prints!
Upcycle a glass coaster using various Gel Press Prints!
Happy Earth Day!  Being an Eco-conscious artist, I save all prints and scraps.  I create art, recycle and upcycle using what I have made and leftovers!   Here is a quick tutorial using prints, scraps and an old glass coaster.
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Mono Prints and scraps from your stash
Decorative items like ink pen, stamps, stencils, gel pens, etc.
Glossy Accents – Used because dries clear and doesn’t smear inks
Scissors, glue
  1. Start with a print and a scrap.  Both will be used to upcycle and old glass coaster.  Cut both the scrap and the print to fit in the back side of the coaster.
2. Draw/stamp/stencil a hummingbird on the scrap.
3. Use gel pens to enhance the wings.
4. Stamp the word “trust,” is  in black permanent  ink toward the bottom of the image.

5. Adhere the blue background print to the scrap print.  (Glossy Accents is used as an adhesive.)  Squeeze a little onto the back side of the coaster.  Use a sponge or brush to spread out the medium to fill the area.
6. Place your art face down over the medium and press over the whole surface from the center out.  (Note:  A small heavy object can be placed to keep paper secure while drying. A small brayer may also be used.)

Use colors of print to create your art!

7. Glue the fibers around the front of the coaster.  Let dry.
The coaster can be used as a coaster, or you can glue more accents on the front and place in a small easel as art to display.

Upload your Gel Press art to Facebook on the Gel Press Junkie’s page!
Visit the Gel Press Facebook page for the latest information, links, and ideas!
Enjoy your Earth Day!  Recycle, reuse, and upcycle!

Cre8tiveLea Yours – Lea

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gel Press: Scrapped Treasures from Under the Sea - BLOG HOP!

Welcome to the Gel Press Earth Day Blog Hop!  We want to encourage you to reuse and recycle with Gel Press.  Have you thought of making Gel Press Prints on an old map?  What about prints on magazines or even Christmas Cards?

Hope around and see what our designers have come up with for this hop.  We will be GIVING AWAY a prize again for the comments on the Gel Press Blog listing your favorite project and why.

We will accept comments from April 20th through April 24th.  The winner will be announced April 25th on our FB page and on Gel Press Junkies page!  Good Luck!!!

Lea      You Are Here

Many techniques are incorporated with this design using scraps of wood pieces + wood pieces, old papers, and Gel Press printed papers.

Gel Press Mono Printing on Wood


8x10 Gel Press Mono Printing Plate - or any size that fits your project
Wood pieces and scraps - scraps I used were left from punching out of cut wood

1.  For basic printing, brayer colors onto your Gel Press Plate.  Using monochromatic (same color family)  shades and a touch of white for 3D effects.

2.  Press wood face down onto plate, and carefully lift up.  AMAZING!  No primer, just beautifully covered wood..

1.  A scrap of Gel Press printed paper was used.  Wax was used over the surface to create a shiny water look, then framed with 3 pieces of cardstock.

2.  Decorative paper layers are used to further create a layout - Bo Bunny Papers.

3.  Glue wood pieces on layout in a pleasing design.

4.  Optional:  Add Distressed inks or other inks to give it a vintage, or more underwater look.

Creat and share your designs on the FB Gel Press Junkies Page!  And for more ideas and information, please check out our Gel Press FB Page .

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea