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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Gel Press : Earth Day Blog Hop, Keep the Earth in Balance

Thank you for joining our first Gel Press Blog Hop!  We will have a challenge every month!  This gives you the opportunity to play along AND win a Gel Press for yourself! 

Enter by going to all of the blogs.   Leave a comment on the Gel Press Blog telling us your favorite project!  You can comment bewteen now and April 7!  Winner to be announced on Gel Press Junkies on FB and Gel Press product page April 8th!  You will have your 8" Round Gel Press to make a project to play along with our Earth Day designs April 22! Enjoy the projects and good luck!

I believe strongly in helping our planet in any way I can.  Recycle, upcycle, and reuse!  Scraps, and prints from my artwork are always saved.  I never know when I need it for my art!  Gel Press is a fun way to recycle and reuse prints and scraps from your Gel Press mono printing sessions. 


Gel Press - 8" round
Gel Press mono prints from your stash
White paint, green, pigment inks, 
Ink Pen

Main stencil used with Gel Press and white paint.  The Gel Press mono print plate is pliable and will pick up small details! 

Add a few dots of paint to your 8" round Gel Press, brayer to cover surface, and place your stencil over it.

Look through you mono prints and find one that would look cool with the white paint stencil overlay.  Place the print face down on top of the Gel Press with the stencil on it.

This is the basic print that came from using the 8" round Gel Press mono printing plate with the white paint and stencil.  See how the print from your stash is changed!  Where the negative spaces of the stencil are open, the white paint will print.  The positive area is where the original color is left.

Repeat this overlay process with stencils and other paint colors.  The leaves were colored in with ink and a brush, the flowers a stencil and inks.

Close up of print detail.

Write the word "balance," in black gel pen.  Letter stencils or stamps using black permanent ink can be used as well.  This finished print will be matted and framed to hang or give as a gift.

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Double Dipping

Double Dipping, a new blog post using the Gel Press!

Sneak peek!  See how this collaged art piece looks finished!!  

Cre8tively Yours - Lea