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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter Flurries with Gel Press

Winter in St. Louis tends to be mild, however,  we had one day of snow then flurries!  Towards the evening, the sun shone colors of blue and purple in the sky.

#gelpress Gel Press is having a contest and one can win a round Gel Press!  There are several sizes, and I would love to play with one!  See where the paint takes me....

This art piece is representative of my free spirited nature which matches the swirling flurries!  The Gel Press is so versatile!  Structured pressing in monoprinting can be achieved as well as the fun and funky style I chose this time.

1.  Using a "Spouncer" tool, spounce over paint colors added on the press.  Squirt from bottle or tube onto the plate.  A little goes a long way!

2.  Drip and spray inks over the spounced paint.  It gives me the feel of walking through the flurries.  Mica colors added to some ink for shimmer.

3.  An area was blocked off where I drew a snow fairy.  Watercolors mostly used to bring her to life.

4.  Find some blue Gel Press scraps and die cut a couple snowflakes.  Adhere to substrate.  Also stamp some small snowflakes and the word "Evidence."

There are unlimited techniques and open-ended creative ways to design pressed motifs!

This is a two press print.  Background colors and then stencil press colored on top.

Leaf stamp pressed onto brushed, not rolled with a paint/print roller.  Collage art on top.  Text added after finished art was photographed and uploaded to computer.

Hope these few ideas have sparked those creative juices!!

Will do more indepth tutorials in the near future!

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