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Monday, February 29, 2016

My first post for Gel Press is UP!!!  Spread Your Wings and Fly!  Come see this and other posts for Gel Press Creative Junkies!!!

This Gel Press uses various stencils to monoprint press from.  

This is a ghost print that I used.  After you pull your first Gell Press monoprint, then I can do another one that is a bit lighter - still cool!  I used a transparent graphic to let the pressing shine through!

Coming towards the end of the month, we will have a blog hop where you can win goodies to create your own pressings!!!!

Cre8tively Yours - Lea

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Creative Team for Gel Press Printing

I am thrilled to announce that I am one of the talented members creating for this team!

Gel Press is the original!  Gel Press is the name of printing plate manufactured by Polygel - the company that developed the original formula and hold the patent.

At one time this formula was private labeled with another company.  That company is now sourcing the gel elsewhere.    Polygel believes strongly in the high quality of its product and launched Gel Press.

Click the link above to Gel Press' blog.  You will find out more about the Creative Team.  This is the place to be for inspiration and projects!  In addition, videos will also give a live view creating.

Gel Press Webpage has the product for sale and other great information.  You can purchase your Gel Press plate there as well.

Morw information to come!

Cre8tiveLea Yours- GelLea

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The many faces of my personality shows up in my artwork!  Mainstream, nature, or edgy.

OK, so you know by now, I am having so much fun with my Gel Press!  #gelpress

I have great fun experimenting even with the simplest tools!  I used to do in store demos for Plaid Enterprises.  Lots of faux finishes, wall stenciling, and home decor.  Have all my tools and I did a quick wiggle comb through after I brayered acrylics on my Gel Press.

The surface of tbe Gel Press is sensitive and even the smallest detail comes through.  Unlike homemade gelatin plates, the Gel Press doesn't need refridgeration and won't fall apart.  Easy to use, easy to store!

Add some VLVS stamps on a paper mache ornament with magnet.  Now you have fun art to display!

Cre8tiveLea Yours-

Friday, February 19, 2016

Gel Press Simply Subliminal

Playing with the Gel Press opens the creative spirit to infinite ideas to experiment with!  Here is a simple Gel Press mono print made with a stencil, and stamps.

Yes, you can "pull" a print right on the tag.  The tag is cardstock I die cut.

The background is created with lavender paint and a dirty brayer with green.  Dirty brayers make wonderful experiments for backgrounds!  Also a stencil was laid on the press after that (half way on tag) and a periwinkle paint brayered onto it, leaving color and the stencil background as the negative without the periwinkle color.

The eggplant was made on a separate Gel Press pull using a stamp.  Purple was squirted in one spot and green on top.  The eggplant stamp was also mono printed with another stamp with grape ink.  Then I pressed it into the plate and viola', the double pattern revealed!  Cut out the eggplant and adhered to tag.

I will be doing slide shows in the future, then on to video to give you the step by step visuals to this and many other  tutorials!

Weird ideas...some work and some come out with exciting results!!!

Cre8tiveLea Yours -

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winter Flurries with Gel Press

Winter in St. Louis tends to be mild, however,  we had one day of snow then flurries!  Towards the evening, the sun shone colors of blue and purple in the sky.

#gelpress Gel Press is having a contest and one can win a round Gel Press!  There are several sizes, and I would love to play with one!  See where the paint takes me....

This art piece is representative of my free spirited nature which matches the swirling flurries!  The Gel Press is so versatile!  Structured pressing in monoprinting can be achieved as well as the fun and funky style I chose this time.

1.  Using a "Spouncer" tool, spounce over paint colors added on the press.  Squirt from bottle or tube onto the plate.  A little goes a long way!

2.  Drip and spray inks over the spounced paint.  It gives me the feel of walking through the flurries.  Mica colors added to some ink for shimmer.

3.  An area was blocked off where I drew a snow fairy.  Watercolors mostly used to bring her to life.

4.  Find some blue Gel Press scraps and die cut a couple snowflakes.  Adhere to substrate.  Also stamp some small snowflakes and the word "Evidence."

There are unlimited techniques and open-ended creative ways to design pressed motifs!

This is a two press print.  Background colors and then stencil press colored on top.

Leaf stamp pressed onto brushed, not rolled with a paint/print roller.  Collage art on top.  Text added after finished art was photographed and uploaded to computer.

Hope these few ideas have sparked those creative juices!!

Will do more indepth tutorials in the near future!