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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Oil Pastel Rubbing with Stamp

January issue of Scrap and Stamping Arts is out now!!!  I have a double paged spread on working with oil pastels and rubber stamps.

This uses muslin, oil pastels, and rubber stamps.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Unique Laser Designs: All That Shimmers for the Holidays

Unique Laser Designs: All That Shimmers for the Holidays: Starting my Christmas gifts and ornaments with my ULD cuts I adore!  I especially love holly and nature scenes for the holiday and wint...

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Grapevine Decor'

A grapevine ball can be transformed into an autumn decor piece!  Stores like Marshall's has packages of grapevine balls to be put into a bowl for decoration.

I took a ball, added 2 fall picks, and then a painted, designed leaf from ULD and viola' a fantastic home decor piece for the fall.

Here it is displayed on my foyer entrance table!!

In another post for ULD, I created several leaves.  I used one for this project.

Cre8tivelea yours, Lea

Monday, October 13, 2014

Falling for Letraset ProMarkers

Letraset Blog

I adore the changing colors of fall!  The oranges, rusts, burgundy, faded and dark greens; even purples!  The layout is done by stamping with coloring and blending.
I know my students are afraid to do any kind of blending with ProMarkers.  I tell them they can just start out by coloring as though they were coloring in a coloring book.  Single shades are OK, then they can progress to using the one marker to do a little deeper shading.  Eventually helping them to work with actual shading.  This is a simplified art piece to show just that.  A little one color and some basic shading.
Here is the link to the ProMarker Color Chart.  There is a blank one as well so you can keep track of the colors you have.  These are a good tool to see which colors and shades you’d like to use.

letraset oct 13 e
Art is stamped on Letraset’s nonbleeding paper pad.  I leave white space open so I can play with the look of color shade combinations.  The falling leaves from the tree are done in different colors (non-shaded) to represent the changing of some but not all leaves.  Light shading on the background of the sunny day and the grass.

letraset oct 13 d
I continue to color the image.  The pumpkin has layers of yellow and oranges.  Canary is the yellow I used.

letraset oct 13 c
Continue coloring doing light shading in some areas and one color in others.  Pick colors you enjoy and go together with the theme.  A color wheel or studying a bit of color theory can help you better choose your colors.  (Creative Art Concepts for Papercrafts – C&T Publishing)

letraset oct 13 a

This is the finished colored art.

letraset white leaf

The ProMarkers can be used on many surfaces (as you have seen in my post of September 29th).  Here I use white pigment ink, over wood, heat set and then color with ProMarkers!
ProMarkers were used to accent the background paper in random areas, and on the chipboard pieces.
Everyone is on their on level as far as their art journey.  I admire those who are way ahead of me in talents and I learn more and more everyday from this blog and the Letraset site.  My beginners feel like their work is “magic,” as they learn to go from simple to complex!

Cre8tivelea Yours – Lea

Saturday, October 4, 2014

My first Post for the Letraset Blog!!!!

Marbleizing right on the domino!  No refill needed!!!!!

See the tutorial by clicking on Letraset link above!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Unique Laser Designs: Falling Leaves

Unique Laser Designs: Falling Leaves: There are unlimited ways to be unique with your wood, cork, or chipboard!  I could sit all day, going through my paints, inks, mica fl...

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Unique Laser Designs: Changing Sea-sons

Unique Laser Designs: Changing Sea-sons:                                                Do Not Throw Away Any Wood Scraps! Scraps to treasure, I say.  Okay, so I am a scraps ho...

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

More Published Designs

RubberStampMadness, Just Steampunk, and Scrap and Stamp Arts!!!

I need to work like a year ahead of time, and I forgot I was able to submit a lot of art.  This year, I have been super busy so it is nice to see these works.

Using some Viva Las Vegastamps images, I create a spooky gravestone.  "I want to be your Mummy," was a joy to create.  My favorite part is the mummy!  I stamped and cut him out for a more dimensional look.

In Just Steampunk, I designed a tin box.  It was originally for Frog Dog Studio.  Patina and real rusting adds to the feeling of aged objects like it really came from the late 1880's to early 1900's.

I placed the real tin by the photographed one.

I am loving my time with Unique Laser Designs!  Working on new posts and designing a Halloween Vignette for a Market Place Booth for the company.  Lots of detail.  Will update later.

Coming up at the end of September, I will be sharing posts for Letraset!  Back in college, I worked with Tria markers.  These markers match the Pantone color system.  Now, Letraset has Pro Markers which are grouped in colors in cases and have a great point of purchase sale price!!  Also their Aqua Markers, and Flexi- pens!!!  I am in heaven!

I hope to have the markers soon, as they are coming to me from the UK!

School has started, but it is its hottest here in St. Louis.  We have been having heat index warning and high humidity.  Looks like fall won't be here till November!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Unique Laser Designs: Hummingbird in Wax

Unique Laser Designs: Hummingbird in Wax: Hi, Lea here!  Today's project will show you how to take "encaustics" - hot wax to create on wood cut outs. Here is ...

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The New RubberStampMadness is Here!

I am very excited!  I have been in print many times but this piece is among my favorites.  I designed a few stamp images for Viva Las Vegastamps, the jeans and the words are a couple of them.  It is part of the grunge board.  I have a dude, gym shoes, and other smaller symbols.  

Here is the article highlighting collaged art.  

I will have another published art in December/Christmas issue working on fabric.  It is not what you think so stay tuned to see!  Ha ha ha.

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea

Unique Laser Designs: Forest Fairy Wonderland

Unique Laser Designs: Forest Fairy Wonderland: Lea, here; a new design team member!  Today I want to share a layout using :    

Check the link to see more pictures and how this art layout was created!!!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fall RubberStampMadness is Almost Here

The new issue should hit stores around August 10th!!!  They have a whole section on collage art and I have an art piece featured in it.

I will post the photo in a few weeks when it comes in print.

I really like being published in RSM because they take the time to interview the artist (via email) of the artist's process for creating, any symbolism, and specific techniques and materials used.  I value the time they take.

Just back from Ohio!!!  Did class with painting on wine glasses.  Enamel or Stain Glass Paint is the best to use.  Plaid Enterprises makes a lot of products I use.  Also Pebelo?  I think the name is, makes a lot of great transparent paints for clear surfaces.

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea

Friday, July 18, 2014

From my book Creative Art Concepts for Papercrafts.  The top image is an inkjet transfer technique with an image designed to make a rubber stamp with.

the bottom image is a distressed collage flower urn with added dimensional elements.

This is from a Design's Original book.  I am a technique driven artist, giving ideas to propel one's own creativity.  It is very enriching to me when a student has a *spark* of expression.  They are excited and love what they are creating.  This means the most to me.

Students learning paper batik.

This is where I create.  It hasn't been this clean in a long, long time!!!

Happy Friday Everyone!!  Your Mind's Eye holds your Vision!!!

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea

Friday, July 11, 2014

Sneak Peek!

Here is a sneak peek of my post for July 29th for Unique Laser Designs!  Painting techniques and use of mixed media with the wood cuts!!

This sweet little fairy is one of my favorites.  She is so sweet and reminds me of Flower Fairies.

Will show the "naked" wood when the post goes live.

Until then, I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Comic Relief

Big sis, and little bro!!!  He goes to college 2.5 hours away, while his big sis goes here in town.  Last year he did a Co-Op and was gone all summer.  This year he is home and so the two love to hang out!

He's taking the selfie pic and at the last minute did the tongue lick.  Big sis is very tolerant putting up with her bro.  The goof off but they love the time they get to spend together!!!

Ok, with all the art and doings, I thought this would be a fun break.  Enjoy!!!!

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Prima Marketing from 2008

In 2008, I received some flowers, rub on's, and paper from Prima Marketing for my design work.  Published works is delightful when I can promote companies I love and use!!!

Here is the art piece - the first with Prima Marketing products from 2008.  This was before it went out just as I finished it.

The combination of rub on's on paper, flowers, and using the paper in parts is F-U-N.  The rub on's were cut to fit what I wanted to do as well.

Since 2008, Prima Marketing is known for more than flowers!!!  I have adored the growth in this company because it is slightly edgy but not too grungy.  I can be grungy in my art, however; with PM, I can still contain a mainstream look.

Thank you Prima Marketing!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Having Fun Being Creative!!!

I am excited to be on Unique Laser Designs team, and I have been working hard on more design work.

I designed the horse and hummingbird.  I want more like Native American like a dream catcher, but I do know we have feathers, grass, and other awesome cuts to create with.  

The hummingbird is a whole vignette in itself.  I was inspired by Shilo's Birthday Balloon, and other items like the wedding couple.  When you have a whole piece, it makes it easier to create with for those who do not have a lot of time or who feel challenged with collaging pieces together!!!

I will share my posts for ULD in August when I start and show you what I create, and continue with the design work.

Thank you all for following my journey!!!

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Designing Again!

I am thrilled to be a part of Unique Laser Designs starting in August!  As such, like with Viva Las Vegastamps, and After Midnight Artstamps, I actually contribute design art for product!!!

This is my first offering for ULD.  The designs come from my need to have products to match ULD's out of this world products and what I want to go with them.

The wood makes the design into an embellishment.  It is sturdy to be used with all the trending media without it falling apart!  Some items come in large and small sizes so you have more options from paper art to altered and home dec. art.

You love paints, pastels, stencils, Gelli Plates???  Use them all with Unique Laser Designs!

Please go to the website and check out their products.  Go to the blog and see the amazing tutorials the past artists have contributed.

I am a funky mixed media artist, I do not do a lot of scrapbooking, so I plan to learn a lot from my past DT as well as share my style.  Options and choices gives you all tons of phenomenal ideas!  Even if you are not sure how to use various media and embellishments, you will quickly find your MUSE and start creating.

Have to warn you!  These wood laser embellishments are addicting!  I want them all!  New designs coming.
Below you will find some of the embellishments already on the site!  From different sizes to intricate cuts to give you tons of detail!  Plus...the pricing is fabulous - a big bang for your buck!

Sorry for sounding like a commercial but I am so stoked by the pricing and designs!

Some of their products:

Note:  The dragonflies comes in this small size and a large size!!  

Have a wonderful 4th of July!  I will be married 39 years!  Yes, got married young.  Thank you for following my journey as I express my style and continue to grow.

Cre8tively Yours - Lea