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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Teaching Splash Inks

Splash Inks are all the bomb in creativity land!!!  What we all love is that out of 4 bottles come hundreds and hundreds custom colors made easy with a recipe card.

These are some of the colors.  In each package there is a complete photo guide to show you the recipes, how to hold the bottles for ease of dropping color, and tips/tricks.

Very easy to mix colors!  A palette works but if you want to make a large quantity of color, use a little paint jar and mix in there.  The lid closes on the jar and keeps the paint from drying out.

 On the left is the recipe card to show how to mix colors you want.  Image was stamped on watercolor paper, and then you begin to paint!  Full strength you get an opaque, rich, coloring.  Add water, and you can lighten the color.  The more water, the lighter the color.  No ink goes to waste!!!

Another student painting with colors she likes.

Here is Nancy C's finished flower.  Brilliant for her first time!!  She has never created with these types of media and she was happy.

More mixing!!

Karen Elaine Thomas has "Splash Ink" videos on YouTube - check them out.  Basic color chart and other information go to Yasutomo's webpage for more information.

Cre8tively Yours - Lea

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