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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Just Steampunk lll - Aesthetics from the Victorian Era and Science Fiction

Erin Keck (EK Creations) sums up the feeling of Steampunk and why there are so many followers with this genre:  "Steampunk is the future as dreamt by the past." It can be artists, writers, or even CosPlay characters at Comic Con.  

Scott Publications showcases this all consuming love of Steampunk with their series of magazines entitled, "Just Steampunk."  The newest issue, Just Steampunk lll, hit the newsstands a few weeks ago!

This magazine encapsulates all things Steampunk - not just cards and jewelry.   The imagination soars with the romantic elegance of the Victorian era with whimsically modernized technology. 

One is transported back to the late 19th century, when the industrial revolution took off, starting with the invention of steam engine machines.  With all the new inventions, authors like H.G. Wells, imagined a future far beyond what was happening at the time! This was more science-fiction than reality.

Today it is sort of a "subculture" trend and refers to any of the art, clothing, or fiction from this Victorian era.  This style has caught on in a big way, especially with the huge following at Comic Con, and anything related to that.

This magazine is not just for artists alone to view but anyone who is following the Steampunk Craze.  Page after page of hand-crafted works within many categories highlight each page of this brilliant magazine.  You may think I am prejudiced because I have 4 pieces of art in the magazine, but really; it was my love of all things Steampunk that led me to submit to the magazine.

Above, Lyneen Jesse created a button fairy for a Viva Las Vegastamps swap!  The wings, the flying and Victorian woman is very prevalent in all things Steampunk!

This special piece was hand-crafted by Joe Rotella.  I am so in love with this art work!  The wings, gears, and the guy flying the machine represents more than just the basic Steampunk.  Science Fiction, whimsy, and sort of Jules Verne expresses itself here.

The top and lower right are 2 out of 4 of my art pieces published.  The top is a matchbox I made to use a a small gift box.  This is a mix of decorative cardstock, rubber stamp image, die cuts, Copic markers and rub ons.  the bottom is an ornament magnet for the fridge.  Rubber stamps, ink, paint, Copic markers, and a 101 Cement bead accent side.

 Here is an artist's rendition of a  Steampunk doll.

The Just Steampunk series of magazines has open calls to anyone who expresses themselves through current subculture.  Dolls, clothing, paper arts, jewelry, and machines that reflect the feelings of this time period are acceptable for submission.  There is a current call for art - due by November ( 

Show your art, enjoy the art in this magazine...dream of a time that was, play on what you think it was, add whimsy, science-fiction, and life to this great trending subculture!!

Cre8tivelea Yours - Lea

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