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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Helmar 450 Quick Drying Adhesive - Encaustic Art

Viva Las VegaStamps has Teamed up with Helmar!  Link to Viva Las VegaStamps Blog. 
Helmar: Find the Friend that Blooms
VLVS Images:
10679- Time Passes Friends Stay The Same
10929 - Spotty Background
10680- Stain Glass Mosiac Background
19074- Grid Washi Background
19073 - Lines Washi Background
Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive
Rectangle Coaster
Decorative Paper Words
UmWow - Daisy and arrow from Arrow Mash
Kandi Hot Melt Wax Tool, Tips, and Wax
Helmar Quick Drying Glue is perfect for the paper collaging before the wax, and then to adhere the UmWow Chipboard pieces. The gel formula can be applied thick or thin, depending on the surface.
1.  Take the coaster and collage ripped deocrative paper.  Adhere with Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive.  Use the tip to spread the adhesive thinly or use a scrap piece of sponge (I have a box with sponge pieces).
2.  The encaustic set up is a non-stick craft sheet, encaustic wax, wax tools/tips, and a soft cloth to wipe off excess wax when changing color.  Umounted VLVS images ready to press into the wax.

 3.  In the areas where you want to impress stamps, you need to layer wax thickly onto the surface.  Do not worry if the stamp has wax on it after you impress.   Use a heat tool to melt wax on stamp and use cloth to rub off liquid wax.  The wax kit comes with a wire brush which can be used in crevices to remove stubborn stuck wax.   Vulcanization to make the stamp is hotter than the wax tool, so you will not ruin your stamp.
4.  Tinting and other paint techniques used to create art.

5.  You can see the texture on the above photo, from impressing the stamps.  It is sort of subliminal on some levels as you might not see what the stamp exactly is.  Some cases you can.  The idea is to add pattern and dimension on the surface of the wax.

See the pattern and texture added with the stamps as well as the painting and tinting with tools.

6.  The Daisy was painted and impressed with wax.  The arrow is left natural.  Use the Helmar adhesive thickly on the daisy and arrow and press on the surface of the collage.  The words need only a little bit of adhesive.  As I mentioned, the gel consistency of the adhesive lends itself to any thin or thick project.

Utilizing many medias is so much fun.  Each medium makes my heart sing as I use them.  Stamps are of images, but also for patterns, and other uses as a tool. 

When you need an adhesive for items that need the extra strength and sturdiness of 3D embellishments, Hellmar's Adhesives are what you are looking for!!!  Quick drying on collage work!

See our fearless leader and Marketing Director of Viva Las VegaStamps DeeDee's amazing art - with mine, on today's blog....  VLVS BLOG

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sakura Fantasy Blog Hop - Travelocity is Pure Imagination!

I love fairies, gnomes, and any mystical, magical being.  Several techniques were utilized to create this art piece.  I not only used 3D Crystal Lacquer, I used TS Mixers in many ways.  In addition, images are from Viva Las VegaStamps.

A large tag was used.  I did DTP (Direct To Paper) on the tag with a rust ink, and staw ink.  I then used a mop brush (cosmetic blush brush ok) and tapped TS Mixers in purple on top.  I blew off the excess.  Be Sure to use PIGMENT INK, as that has a longer open wet time and the TS Mixers stick to it. 

The dots of colors shimmer - that's the TS Mixers!  The hexagon is a stamp and I stamped those in a deep purple then brushed more TS Mixers on top.  I used a pink color by the tag hole.

Here is a close up of the Hexagons close up.  If you noticed, the stamping is layered.  The hexagons were stamped after the TS Mixers added over DTP.  then birds stamped, and words "pure imagination."  Gel pens were used to add design edge, and the edges of the tag were randomly distressed to look a little ripped and worn. May Arts Ribbon was spray dyed to match. 

The gnome, mushroom, and grass was stamped on separate cardstock.  The images were colored first with Copics, then 3D Crystal Lacquer was added to the hat, belt, pants, button, and parts of the mushroom.  It really pops out when dried.  (Image doesn't show how much it pops out.)

On the bottom on the grass (which is extended into the background), I made my own TS Mixers watercolors!  The ratio is 2 parts TS Mixer, 1 part Gum Arabic (I use powdered form), and slowly add water to create a creamy consistency.  Leftovers can be dried in a palette and popped out for further future use.  A copper and green color were used to make 2 separate cakes of watercolors that shimmer.  Unfortunately, the camera can't pick up the shimmer, but it is glorious!!  A charm dragonfly was glued last.

The whole piece shimmers, and shines--- magic appears everywhere!!!

WIN 2 bottles of 3D Crystal Lacquer!!!  Comment on everyone's blog, and go to the Sakura's blog and vote on a project that was your favorite!
Check out the other Fab art on this blog hop!!! 

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea

Monday, May 13, 2013

Viva Las VegaStamps DT Try Out

It's time again to reapply for the Viva Las VegaStamps Design Team.  I have had the wonderful opportunity to design on this totally wonderful team!!  It's heading towards 3 years now!

It was back in 1991, when VLVS opened, that I started my obessive collecting of all sorts of images.  Mostly funny, crazy images, but I love nature and quotes.  DeeDee is our fearless leader and Marketing Director for Viva Las VegaStamps and all the new changes has only enhanced a GrEaT company!!!

I have a passion for these images, and I feel like a part of a creative family.  It is one of the best teams I have been on!  I also have been fortunate to have random graphic images made into stamps.  This is also a passion of mine.

Take away art, music, and VLVS and I will be LOST!!!

Here are my entries for the team:

This is a project I created for Valentine's Day.  I like to recycle and use items I find at 70% + off.  This bucket was from Christmas, but the colors lends itself to Valentine's.  I adore the heart group stamp from VLVS - you can use whole, but you can also cut it a part.  I did both for this project.  The Valentine's Day words are also VLVS.

The Blast From the Past Blog Hop was too much fun!!!  We were sent a "mystery" image and created an art piece to show what's old is new and what's new can be old!  Love this image!!!  Adding watercolors, puff paint, and wood words creates texture, dimension, and shading to the image.  VLVS has thousands of stamp images to fit anyone's mood, style of art, or any image for any occasion.

This altered book page is near and dear to my heart.  I adore the apocalypse images and they go together with other bio and hazard images.  The Crime Scene Tape is to die for!!!  The brick background made me so happy!  It worked on this page so well.  Of course I love the chains, the chain is one of my images made into a stamp.  I used to do art like this all the time, but to actually get back to my roots, and make a statement I believe in is so wonderful!!!

OK, my last piece of art.....oh wait!!!  I can't show you it!  It will be a part of the collaboration week with Helmar and Viva Las VegaStamps!!!  Be sure to check the blog on May 20-25 to see the whole DT's designs!

I thank Wayne, DeeDee, and Jeff for the opportunity to design for VLVS.  It has been a extreme pleasure, and hope it will continue!!!

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Anything but a Card Challenge #18

Here is my ATC for the Anything but a Card Challenge #18!   Yes, it is Anthony Bourdain.  Love his style, and his travels!!  Have read many of his books.

This piece is an enchance collage, painted with inks, distressed, and shading with Copics.  Texture created as well.

Join in the fun!  Share your art and create outside the box with Anything but a Card.  Link Here, to see all the details.  Challenge yourself or just have a riot sharing what you create!

To view other challenges go to link!

Thank you Susan for an excellent site :-D
Bon Apetit'!!!!

Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scrap and Stamp Arts Magazine

Another article in Scrap and Stamp Arts Magazine!  The photo below is of the 2nd page of the article highlighting Viva Las VegaStamps in the mix! 

Create your own color palettes, and use every part.  The picture shows how you use VLVS Kromecote cardstock to pick up excess ink once done with the palette.

CreativeLea Yours - Lea

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Viva Las Vegas Helps Present a Viewpoint!

Here is art from my VLVS post!  I had a point of view to express and created an altered book page to do this.  I used DeeDee's (Team Leader and Designer) Apocolypse images, my chain image, and other stamp images to express this point of view.

Be careful what you eat and drink.  Read labels and find out what the chemicals mean.  Brominaded Vegetable oil is lethal.  Brominade used to be used as fire retardant on children's PJ's!!!  Many orange drinks, lemon "Squirt" type drinks, and many Sports drinks has it.  Watch Out!!!!