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Friday, January 25, 2013

Blast From The Past Blog Hop

Let's remember some great stamp images!!!  Viva Las Vegastamps has SO many stamp images, you might just miss a good one.  This blog hop is dedicated to some great stamp images and some inspiration!!!

This image reminds me of the movie "Rebel Without A Cause."  There is a drag race in it and Natalie Wood flags the race to start.  This also reminds me of the independence and freedom women have now.  Back in the 1960's and earlier, if a husband divorced his wife; his wife was left with nothing!  Even if a woman went to college before marrying, after so many years of devoting her life to her family, she is left without  outside skills.

I love the words, "Behind Every Successful Woman is Herself."  Says everything that needs to be said and fits with this image.

The Lady On Motor Scooter works well with what I was trying to convey.  Sometimes I just play with my stamp images, and sometimes I like to create from a message I feel.

I painted a part decorated paper, adding stripes and borders.  I also painted the sun and the open circles using MicaColor watercolor paints by USArtquest. Also wood letters aged and adhered with Glue Dots.  Miracle Tape was used for everything else.

I wanted to add extra dimension and texture other than the wood letters, so I used Puff Paint (Liquid Applique' can also be used) to create a bumpy faux fur coat.



Follow along to the other blogs and see some incredible art and ideas with some Cool Stamp Images from Viva Las Vegastamps!!!

Cre8tively Yours, Lea

Thursday, January 17, 2013

SinCity Scraps DT call

I have an opportunity to try out for the Sincity Scraps DT!  I am really impressed with the site, products, and the owner, Donna.  You can find all Sincity Scraps products here.  Terri Sproul is the DT leader, whom I have worked with before.  I hope I "wow" her!

Take Vellum and enhance it in color to your hearts desire!  My project is Vellum Stamping and Staining!

Vellum Stamping and Staining


Vellum - regular, heavy, or printed
Dye Based Ink - Marvy Matchables used 
Stamps of Choice
Soft sponge
Optional:  embossing powder

1.  To understand dye based inks and vellum, the way they dry is for the wetness of ink to dissipate into the air.  You need to let it set up for about 30 to 60 seconds after you stamp or stain.

2.  Stamp image(s) of your choice on vellum using dye based ink.  Let set up.  Turn over and follow next step for staining.  

3.  Using dye based ink directly from the pad and onto the vellum (DTP = Direct to Paper).  Swipe color onto the surface of the vellum and then use the soft sponge to work the color on the surface.  You will see that a small amount of ink can cover a good amount of area on the vellum.  The color will be a little lighter, softer but rich.

4.  Add more ink to shade or create a darker shade.  Use one or more color to create a wonderful look!

5.  Optional:  Follow #2 in the instructions above, then add white or clear embossing powder and heat with a heat tool.  This adds extra dimension and texture to the staining.

For this image I stamped on the front side, then stamped on the back and embossed white with embossing powder.  Then I did the ink staining.  A "ghost" of a pattern shows through.

Staining with many colors!

I always look to share fun and cool ideas for stamping, altered art, mixed media, scrapping, and collage.  Wish me luck with this opportunity to become a part of Sincity Scraps Design Team!  Terri is a wonderful leader!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Baby Wipe Technique - Technique Tuesday

Just as the name, Technique Tuesday has wonderful techniques to help one create or inspire them to think outside the box!!  I am going to show their Baby Wipe Reinker PadTechnique!!!  This is the most inexpensive way to make your own color palettes for stamping.

The look is reminiscent of tie dye or paper batik.  I love it!  And - it is Very Easy To Do!!!!!

Basic Supplies:
Stamps - Solid Stamps Give a Bolder Effect
Acrylic Stamp Block
Baby Wipe
Dye Based Reinkers
Smooth or Glossy Cardstock

1.  Place baby wipe over acrylic block.  Add drops of reinker on to the baby wipe, creating a stamping pad palette.  Don't worry if the colors look dark, as you can see; the images stamp bright and vibrant but not dark.

2.  Tap stamp on the palette you made.  I used a magenta, blue, purple, and green reinker. Experiment with drops of reinker.  Overlap, or do straight lines.  Note: that where colors overlap you create new colors!!!  Remember art in grade school?  Red + Blue = purple, etc.
Start With Light Colors, then go to the Dark Colors. Think about where you placed the colors and where you want color to pick up to stamp.  Stamp on smooth or glossy cardstock.

3.  Play and turn stamp on the palette in different directions to pick up a different blend of colors.  For the fern leaf, I chose to stay in the purple/green range on the palette.

See the watercolor, tie dye effect???

To finish the card, I found some decorative paper and used a brush to pick up some of the colors from the palette and enhanced the paper.  I used my heat tool to dry any wet areas.

Cut the images you want to use out and adhere them in a pleasing manner on your decorative card stock.  Adhere that to another folded cardstock to create a card.  I added a little glitter, and colored the background of the dragonfly so it melts into the background.

The last step is to add fibers that match the colors from the palette I stamped the images from.

Check Technique Tuesday's website and choose a technique or two to try!!!! 

Valentines Favorite

Here is a design I just created for Viva Las VegaStamps!   In creating this design, I decided to go mixed media with using stamp images and collage.  If you go to VLVS BLOG, you can see the details with this art.

This is a budget project because I bought the gift bucket on clearance as it was for Christmas.  The red and white stripes matched perfectly for Valentines Day!  Also, the collage work is done on a laminate chip you can get at a home improvement store.  This beautiful gift holder didn't cost more than like $1.50 to create!!!!

If you go to the VLVS blog, you can see the image of the heart background I ADORE!!!!  It has mostly outline hearts, but 2 solid hearts and they can be cut a part as you can see.

The laminate chip is created by using USArtquest's Duo Adhesive with mica powder as well as MicaColor Watercolors.  A free and fun way to design a background, other than sprays that are popular.

Another saw below on my blog, the baby angel does not like the icky smoochy stuff of the holiday!

Fun layout using the hearts background for the little heart, embossed letters, Glue dots and the cutest dog by Viva Las VegaStamps!  I enhanced the paper with Copics to add my own color and with rub ons.

More Valentines to come...on the 27th I have an little bit off color but hysterical card for VLVS.

Also Jan. 25th is the Blast from the Past Blog Hop!!!  I really love designing with the stamp I was sent to create with!  You will ADORE and be Inspired by the designs!!!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

ART - Professional and Review

My Facebook page and other blogs has more of my professional work in the industry.  I just thought that those viewing this blog do not get a complete view of my range of work other than my encaustics.

Here is some artwork to look at:

Well, I just realized, there is too much to post here...just a few, lol.

Thanks for taking a peek at a few of my works!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Art for the New Year!

I have been busy creating art for the New Year.  In a couple weeks is Viva Las Vegastamps "Blast From the Past" blog hop.  It will feature some of the best images from the past inventory.  There are new stamps all the time but the images in the blog hop hold up to the test of time.

In the meantime, I have been working on various projects in between my Design Team work .....

Working on lots more design projects but I can't post them yet!!!!  They are for Design Team work.  

Enjoy and have a wonderful New Year filled with great things and creative ART!