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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Viva Las Vegas Design Team Call!

It's time to reapply to the Viva Las Vegas Design Team!!!  VLVS has a very special place in my heart.  I was buying their stamps way back when they opened in 1991 and am still addicted to the images!

Ok, so VLVS is known for the bizarre, but there are so many stamp images, anyone can find images to fit their style art.  Flowers, Holiday images, Fairies and more!  Most people, me especially, has different sides to our personalities, different views and want to express those differences when I feel them.  VLVS is your one stop for ALL your stamp needs.  Beyond the stamps, VLVS Miracle Tape can't be beat!!!!  What I like about it is that when I put together a die cut box, I don't have to worry about quickly pressing the connective sides of the container and hoping it fits right.  Miracle Tape is flexible and can pull apart until you press it tight.  Then it HOLDS and holds and holds!!!

I like to create mixed media art.  The above piece is adding VLVS images on top of a collage.  I had this collage in a box and thought it was done; but when I wanted to make a psychedelic expression with some VLVS images I had - this collage was perfect.  It's weird, it's cute, and it says something all in one.  The "hippie" (Bearded Bicycle Rider) is one of my favorite images among a list of many!

When it comes to Holidays, VLVS goes overboard!!!!  There are naughty stamp images, cute, and traditional all for you to pick from!  Basic sayings to funny.  Using Crystal Lacquer or gel pens add more to bring out the image you are working on. Find the Santa's Face here.

I've been on the Design Team for a while and I continue to grow and push and try to think outside the box to bring ideas to those who are either not sure what to do with an image, or just like to get their creative juices going.  Check the VLVS BLOG at the 12 Days of Christmas Tags (December 2011)  to see how this art was designed.

You cannot pinpoint my style but for sure, I find that VLVS is a perfect fit for me, and I know the images are a perfect fit for you too!  Coming up is our Halloween Blog Hop!  I'm really excited this year, there are a couple new plates and mixing it up with some older Halloween images shows the creepy, fun side of the holiday.  Check the blog on September 23rd-29th and even post your own art!  More details in the coming weeks.

Just a couple more images ....  Hope to see you soon as I hope to continue on the Design Team!
Cre8tiveLea Yours - Lea