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Friday, May 25, 2012

Linked Up With Mary! Blog Hop Fun*

I had so much fun creating art for this blog hop!!  I adore Mary's birds and so I decide to create a whimsical bird card, with a little Steampunk attitude since Mary has the birds on wheels and gears.

VLVS Stamps Used:
Mary Vogel Lozinak Plates: 1398, 1399 (Some images maybe single images check New Releases for March - May)
Square Edged Gear:  17502
Gear Background:  18077

Other VLVS Products:
Miracle Tape

"Birds of a Feather..." "Flock Together," no matter how strange they are!  Using bright colors add to the whimsy of these images.  I love color and enjoyed creating this pop-up card.

I had a die from years ago that cuts the pop-up areas, however; an Exacto Knife cutting slits and careful folding can do the trick as well (see photos).  The outside teal paper is 6x8 and the orange decorative paper is like 1/8" to 1/2" smaller.  Play around and see what looks best to you.

1.  Stamped gear pattern stamp in bright orange ink and the small square gear in red.  The gears on the upper right are stamped "off the page" to give the illusion of  tons of gears continuing on the top.
2.  Stamped quote "Birds of a Feather," and mounted it with purple paper using Miracle Tape, then adhering to top of card.
3.  Birds and quotes were stamped and colored.  I used colored pencils but you can use watercolors, watercolor markers, Copics, whatever you choose!  Note that I cut off parts of wheels to use as accents on the lower part of the card.  Florescent gel pens were used on some of the birds and metallic gel pen in purple around the edge of the left bird head candy cane.

Feel free to play with these fun images mixing and matching parts.  Who knows what you might come up with.  I think next time I might cut the owl head off and put it on the candy cane, and the bird from the candy cane onto the owl's suit!  Be as creative, weird, strange, or fun as you want!!!

4.  The quotes stamped and cut out were then edged with gel pens. 

My friend Cathy Peper loves birds...wonder if she loves these strange fellows????  Please check all the links and get wonderful ideas from all who joined in and Linked Up!!! 

CreativeLea Yours - Lea