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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Viva Las Vegas Design Team Submission!!!

I've jumped in with both feet and I am trying out for the VLV Design Team!  Viva Las Vegas Stamps is one company I've known for years and LOVE their large variety of stamp images.  From Elvis (thank ya thank ya verra much), other famous stars, to the new Steampunk, nature, flowers, holidays to name a few categories. 

Viva Las Vegas not only has a website where you can browse and purchase images, but a store in Las Vegas that any who does rubber stamping knows about.  In addition, there is a blog with Design Team Members (lead by artist Terri Sproul) who showcase the latest techniques, various image designs.  Whether you like to stamp, scrap, do altered art, mixed media, or just plain weird, VLV is the place for you.  There is something for everyone. 

I adore fairies and anything to do with fairies so I decided to make a card with a sweet VLV fairy in a layered design. 

Stamps:  Viva Las Vegas Butterfly Fairy
Cardstock, Heart Sticker, and Die Cut:  Creative Imagination - Brenda Pinnick
Rub On Swirl (LSS)
Orange Cardstock (LSS)
White Cardstock (LSS)
Permanent Black Ink Pad (LSS)
Markers (LSS)
USAQ Micacolor Sparkling Watercolor Palettes
Stickles Glitter Glue
Kokuyo Tape Runner and Dot Runner
Corner Rounder Punch
Paint Brush - watercolor
Paper Towels for blotting excess watercolors

1.  Stamp image on white cardstock with black permanent ink.  Use markers to color in image.  On the butterfly wings, I swiped the orange first in various areas, then the blue to blend.  The flowers are shaded with 2 colors of purple for contrast.
2.  Using the Micacolor Sparkling Watercolor, shade and accent various areas.  The outer orang of the butterfly wing was highlighted, the hair, and the deepest shadows of purple in the flower.  Note:  While not visible in the photo, the mica watercolors add a sparkle  and shimmer of magic to the card.

3.  Cut the orange cardstock to fit the card and use the corner rounder punch.  The basic card had the corners rounded so I wanted them to match.  Adhere orange cardstock on top of folded card.  Next adhere the die cut image. 
4.  Rub on the swirls to fill the left side of the die cut onto the orange cardstock and do so sparingly on the right.
5.  Cut out the stamped and colored fairy and adhere on card above the words, " On the wings of love."  Add the heart sticker in the lower right.  Add clear or yellow Stickles to the antennae and spots on the butterfly wings.

I use both the Kokuyo Tape Runner and Dot Runner.  The tape runner, I use for square edges or large spaces.  I use the dot runner for cut out pieces like the fairy.  The dots will adhere to all the edges (run on scrap paper to catch the extra sticky dots) and give a secure adhesion on the surface.

Layering gives your art dimension and texture, contrast and interest.  I like to hunt around my collections of papers, and other ephemera to find the exact combination to compliment Viva Las Vegas Stamps!  Remember, an image (pictures) speaks 1000 words!

To see more VLV art and a bizzare collage with Queen Elizabeth, please check the post before this one. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Clearly Amazing Art

I have been working with clear surfaces for many years now.  The past 6 years I have taken my graphic designs and found a material I could print my images on and create clear stamp art stickers.  Here is some art I've created.  If you are interested in the art or stickers, please email me.

The images "melt" into the background after burnishing it with the flat side of a bone folder.

No mess as with rubber stamps - but I love rubber stamps and use them together.

For this image, I created 2 backgrounds with wax.  I mounted him to the smaller and used Glue Dots so this image is raised (can't see it here).  You can see the texture and color through his face!  Just like the first image above, the woman's face, the paper pattern shows through.