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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

USAQ Design Team Part Deux

Yes, I will be a part of the USAQ DT again!  It is an extreme honor and pleasure to be a part of this group among so many talented artists!
On the first DT this art piece won a challenge on Susan's USAQ FB group!  It means so much to me because it was voted on by a jury of my peers.
It is important to sign up for the USAQ Newsletter...see link above.  You will be able to see all the ideas/art from the DT as well as mine, Susan's art, other USAQ talents, tips, and even pricing specials.
Tune in January 17th to see Sue live on HSN!  Her last visit was a smashing success, she's come back with more techniques and products.
Terri Sproul is our DT Leader!  I have the honor of being on another team with Terri.  I want to thank Terri for all her efforts and hard work.
Thank you Sue for USAQ, for your wonderful art, ideas, and just being you!

Lost: Blog Hop Tag 1

For some reason my first tag on VLVS Blog Hop is missing.  I'd like to re-post it because it is my second favorite tag I made for the hop.

Please refer back to the other days to find out about the wonderful stamps on plate 1363!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

New USArtQuest DT Entry

I had the extreme pleasure of being part of the first USArtQuest's first Design Team using products that are near and dear to my heart.  These are media that speak to my fine art background, lending to my love of creating mixed-media art.

The second DT will start in January, and I would like to share my entry for re-joining the team.  Please click the links above and check out all the amazing paints, tools, and products to fill an artist's dream!  Click on the link to the blog and join to receive their wonderful newsletter filled with ideas, specials, and USAQ news right in you inbox. 

Festive Paper Mache' Bowl

Note:  If you are not adventurous to create your own bowl, USAQ carries Satin Mache', a perfect base to paint and decorate.

USAQ Supplies:

Other Supplies:
Plastic Bowl
Newspaper, scrap paper, newsprint, bits and pieces of decorative papers
Leaf Stamp and Blue Ink Pad
Awl or Crop-a-dile

1.  Cover your work surface with plastic or anything to protect the area where you are creating.  Turn the plastic bowl upside down and apply a thin layer of Vaseline.  The Vaseline will keep the bowl from sticking to the paper mache' as you go along.  I believe plastic wrap will work as well, but I prefer the "old fashion" way of using Vaseline.

2.  Cut or rip papers into strips.  Using scraps are fine, but make sure they aren't too wide.  Pour some PPA Gloss into a Studio Cup.  Dip the strips of paper into the PPA Gloss, and use your fingers to squeeze off extra adhesive (Plastic gloves are fine for those who don't like to get their hands dirty!).  Starting with the top of the bowl, lay the paper strips down one at a time, overlapping and covering the whole bowl.  Once the bowl is covered, add 2-3 more layers of strips, covering the whole bowl.  Let the bowl dry ( Overnight will ensure it is dried through).

3.  Once the paper mache' is dried, remove it off of the plastic bowl carefully.  Pour the Perfect Pigment colors into Studio Cups and use your Perfect Brushes to start painting the surface.  The above bowl was done in a free-form style, painting it mostly copper, adding gold here and there, and then a little bit of blue.  Once the paint dried, I added more gold in areas.  The inside of the bowl is almost all copper. 

4.  Stamp the leaf image twice onto  2 pieces of  Unryu Paper with the blue ink pad.  Rip the edges of the paper and adhere to each side of the bowl using PPA Gloss.

5.  Use the awl or a Crop-a-dile to punch holes around the top of the bowl.  Measure fibers to so that the length goes 3 times around the bowl parameter.  Starting at the top of the bowl, start doing a simple over cast stitch (see illustration) starting at the front of the bowl and going all the way around, coming back to the front of the bowl.  Tie the ends in knots.  Take more fibers, folded in half and tie with the extra ends of the fibers that was laced through the bowl.  There should be a little bit of ends left, and tie the button on.  Clip off any extra ends that remain. 

The finished bowl is perfect for candy, holding mail, paperback books, trinkets.  This decorative piece will enhance any home decor'.  Make a few bowls in different sizes for a complete accent for the room for display.  Very popular are little balls either paper, wood, glass, etc. that are set in a tray or bowl for a room accent.  Design your own bowl for a wonderful artistic edge for home decorating!

I have been using USAQ products from the time the company began.  They are products I can NEVER do without!  USAQ has products for all art styles from fine art to scrapbooking.

Hope you have enjoyed my design, stay tuned and see if I have the great pleasure to create on this round of the DT!! 

Make sure you check the website and blog.

I created this design for the last DT, and now it's ready to go out as a Christmas card!!!  Mica Color Powders, Gildenglitz, and Mica Flakes adorn this design.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Giving Thanks - Mica Leaves and Watercolor Pencil

My new projects are up at Viva Las Vegastamps Blog.  Go to their blog and check out the instructions and details. 

Shimmery mica powder leaves PoP!

My experiment with watercolor pencils on fabric.  I learned something important:  Cotton or muslin fabric works the best.  I believe I used polyester or linen, the results were good but it was hard to blend colors.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Who's Your "Sugar" Daddy???

Here is my next project for the Viva Las Vegastamps Design Team!  Please go to the VLVS  blog to see the instructions.  Enjoy!!!

Simple Masking Technique

Also a bonus project using Ultra High Gloss Embossing Powder as a mask or resist.

The skeleton is embossed and the words will go behind with no effort!

Get all your stamping products at Viva Las Vegastamps....Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Viva Las Vegas Design Team Submission!!!

I've jumped in with both feet and I am trying out for the VLV Design Team!  Viva Las Vegas Stamps is one company I've known for years and LOVE their large variety of stamp images.  From Elvis (thank ya thank ya verra much), other famous stars, to the new Steampunk, nature, flowers, holidays to name a few categories. 

Viva Las Vegas not only has a website where you can browse and purchase images, but a store in Las Vegas that any who does rubber stamping knows about.  In addition, there is a blog with Design Team Members (lead by artist Terri Sproul) who showcase the latest techniques, various image designs.  Whether you like to stamp, scrap, do altered art, mixed media, or just plain weird, VLV is the place for you.  There is something for everyone. 

I adore fairies and anything to do with fairies so I decided to make a card with a sweet VLV fairy in a layered design. 

Stamps:  Viva Las Vegas Butterfly Fairy
Cardstock, Heart Sticker, and Die Cut:  Creative Imagination - Brenda Pinnick
Rub On Swirl (LSS)
Orange Cardstock (LSS)
White Cardstock (LSS)
Permanent Black Ink Pad (LSS)
Markers (LSS)
USAQ Micacolor Sparkling Watercolor Palettes
Stickles Glitter Glue
Kokuyo Tape Runner and Dot Runner
Corner Rounder Punch
Paint Brush - watercolor
Paper Towels for blotting excess watercolors

1.  Stamp image on white cardstock with black permanent ink.  Use markers to color in image.  On the butterfly wings, I swiped the orange first in various areas, then the blue to blend.  The flowers are shaded with 2 colors of purple for contrast.
2.  Using the Micacolor Sparkling Watercolor, shade and accent various areas.  The outer orang of the butterfly wing was highlighted, the hair, and the deepest shadows of purple in the flower.  Note:  While not visible in the photo, the mica watercolors add a sparkle  and shimmer of magic to the card.

3.  Cut the orange cardstock to fit the card and use the corner rounder punch.  The basic card had the corners rounded so I wanted them to match.  Adhere orange cardstock on top of folded card.  Next adhere the die cut image. 
4.  Rub on the swirls to fill the left side of the die cut onto the orange cardstock and do so sparingly on the right.
5.  Cut out the stamped and colored fairy and adhere on card above the words, " On the wings of love."  Add the heart sticker in the lower right.  Add clear or yellow Stickles to the antennae and spots on the butterfly wings.

I use both the Kokuyo Tape Runner and Dot Runner.  The tape runner, I use for square edges or large spaces.  I use the dot runner for cut out pieces like the fairy.  The dots will adhere to all the edges (run on scrap paper to catch the extra sticky dots) and give a secure adhesion on the surface.

Layering gives your art dimension and texture, contrast and interest.  I like to hunt around my collections of papers, and other ephemera to find the exact combination to compliment Viva Las Vegas Stamps!  Remember, an image (pictures) speaks 1000 words!

To see more VLV art and a bizzare collage with Queen Elizabeth, please check the post before this one. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Clearly Amazing Art

I have been working with clear surfaces for many years now.  The past 6 years I have taken my graphic designs and found a material I could print my images on and create clear stamp art stickers.  Here is some art I've created.  If you are interested in the art or stickers, please email me.

The images "melt" into the background after burnishing it with the flat side of a bone folder.

No mess as with rubber stamps - but I love rubber stamps and use them together.

For this image, I created 2 backgrounds with wax.  I mounted him to the smaller and used Glue Dots so this image is raised (can't see it here).  You can see the texture and color through his face!  Just like the first image above, the woman's face, the paper pattern shows through.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

New Altered Pages Kit: Library Pocket Book

Finally, I have much of my art supplies in a place, still have more to unpack.  There's a lot of supplies I don't know where I put.  The hunt will be fun.

This kit features a technique from my book Creative Art Concepts for Papercrafts.  Use a inkjet transparency and transfer collage images from Altered Pages.  The kit is HUGE with several collage sheets, library pockets, charms, flowers, and ribbon. 

Monday, May 23, 2011

I'm BAAACK!!!!

Hi, I am finally moved, unpacking and creating my studio.  It will be a while before the walls go up to complete the room, but I'll have all my supplies up and I'll be back to arting soon.

Watch for this kit soon at Altered Pages! Lots of NEW and a fresh site with a different look.

My son graduated high school and my daughter is at STLU and working.

More art later................

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Be Back In A Few Months

It's been a while since I've posted and shared some art and ideas.  I'm looking forward to the beginning of May when I will be moving into our new home!!  My hubby was transferred to St. Louis three years ago and we had to rush to find a place to live!  We picked our rental by choosing our son's high school.  Now that he will be graduating, we will have a home - moving a bit west, but we are so excited!!! 

It's 2011, and I want to thank everyone for their talents and for the opportunity to share with the universe.  If I can help or inspire one person then I am happy, more than that, I feel enriched! 

Let your spirit soar~ try new things, explore and experiment!!!

Couldn't end this post without posting a photo of my children - 1 in college now, and one going in the fall.  I'm so proud of you KC and Spence*

Happy 2011 and I'll be back in May!