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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Through The Looking Glass - USAQ DT Project #3

 Mica Rocks it says!!  And it does!  This may seem like an unusual product, but read on and see a wondrous project for using this remarkable product.

My age is showing because I've been playing with Mica Tiles from USAQ at least 15 years!  Versatility is Mica Tile's middle name.  Let your imagination go wild with ideas galore!!!

Did you know that mica is a rock??  You may be familiar with mica as it is used in makeup to make your eyeshadow or blush sparkle.  There are many colors and types of mica, many sizes, densities as well.  Mica is safe for the environment, virtually un-destroyable so it makes a perfect surface for art.  USAQ sells many types of mica from different shape sizes, home Decor shape (a beautiful rusted hue), Mica D'lights, Mica Flakes, and Mica Pigments.  Check out each type, you'll find you will need them all!

Fossil on the Forest Floor

Mica Tiles (USAQ)
PPA Gloss (USAQ)
Perfect Pigments (USAQ) or (Jewelz colors of your choice, PPA and Clear Perfect Glaze)
Perfect Brush (USAQ)
Leaf Stamp (Hero Arts)
Black pigment Ink (LSS)
Clear Embossing Powder (LSS)
Heat Tool (LSS)

Making your own Acrylics - Take 2 parts PPA, and 1 part Jewelz and mix together.  Add more Jewelz if you want the color deeper.  The consistency should be like cream.  If not, add a little clear Perfect Glaze.  Store in an airtight container. 

1.  Delaminate (splitting the mica tile), by using your fingernail or a pointed tool, and wiggle your nail into the edge of the mica tile.  Slowly you will find that the more you wiggle, the more you will be able to start to split the mica tile.  Try to split the mica tile so that the pieces you get are rigid enough that they don't bend easily.  You will need 2 pieces for this project.
2.  Take one mica tile and on the top, stamp the leaf image, sprinkle embossing powder on, tap excess off, and heat with heat tool.  Put this tile aside and make sure you have it design up!
3.  Take 3 colors of Pefect Pigments (or see above to make your own acrylics) and plop a small amount of each on the other mica tile.  Just a small amount of Pefect Pigments is enough, they will spread out when you put the two pieces together.
4.  Now make a sandwich and smoosh!  You do this by holding the mica tile with the Perfect Pigments on it (face up) and lay the first mica tile you stamped on top of the second - Remember you want the stamped and embossed image face up!!  PPA is an adhesive as well as a medium so when dried the two mica tiles will stay together.  Excess paint will come out of the edges, just wipe the extra off with a paper towel.
5.  Once dried, you have an element or embellishment to add to a card, art piece, or scrapbook page.

The larger tiles (with various rusted shading) are perfect for many projects including frames. 

More ideas to be posted in the next week so come back and take a look! Remember, more ideas from the USAQ DT are just a click away - see the links to the right and follow all the other DT's fabulous art. Also watch Sue's video on "Mica It Rocks" at the USAQ website.


  1. love this, Lea! MICA TILES really do rock!!

  2. Really great post and project, Lea : )

  3. I really really want to make my own paints very cool idea. I didn't realize PPA did that. Im a newbie. Great post! xoxo

  4. This is sure an oldie but reinvented goodie! This is such an effective technique and you have done it so beautifully. Your posts are so thoughtful. Thanks.

  5. Love your colour choice - it's a real forest floor FAB!

  6. love these Lea! great to see you're doing what you love best ;o) hugs Nettie xx