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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

More Mica Magic

Mica Magic Continues!  Stamping on mica and using it over a collage image adds dimension and texture to a collage.  Mica Flakes around or underneath peek through.

Enhance any collage with mica tiles.  This is a wonderful image from June's wonderful collage images  - .   I used mica tiles in different sizes to accentuate the wings and to paint on them.  I used paint to accent the hair and make the lilac eyes stand out.

Mica Transfer is done pretty much like any type of transfer.  A color copy or laser copy is needed for this to work.  Spread PPA on the mica tile and lay the image face down onto the PPA.  Burnish and let dry.  Once dried, use your finger and water and slowly remove the back white paper layer of the copy.  Going slow prevents areas to totally remove - unless that is the look you are going for. 

The image shows through like a ghost.  Pre-coloring the background with mica powders or foil will help the image stand out even more.  Collage under or over the transfer.

Painting on top of the image as well can add some pop to the finished collage. 

Sometimes I like grungy art, and to express something I am feeling at the time.  Other times I feel whimsical and my art reflects that.  I do love nature the most, hence the design in the post from the 18th.  Experiment and express all sides of your personality!


  1. Gorgeous! Love how you use the mica and mica flakes!

  2. Oh Lea!! This is beautiful!!