The Road Less Traveled


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Experimenting, Following My MUSE

Monday will launch the first project for the USArtquest Design Team.  In anticipation of receiving my supplies a couple weeks ago, I made this little work of art.  I had lost most of my charms, beads, a lot of stamps, and other supplies when I moved to St. Louis (almost 3 years ago.).  I found this Goddess, isn't she cool?  So I put her together as she is floating in bliss.
Things are challenging for me right now so I try to focus on the positive, to follow my bliss and see where it leads me. 
When I received my package from USAQ, my heart sang!  These are materials I've worked with for over 15 years.  While there are many scrapbookers out there and those who like to cut with a die machine like a Cricut, I still liked working with the other type - I guess they would be considered more fine art materials.  I do cut and create but I still incorporate these wonderful materials like PPA, USAQ watercolors (see the shimmer), Perfect Pigments, etc.  I really really really need the glazes and the clear glaze because I love to layer colors on top of each other, as well as collage on top of that. 
My art does not fall into one catagory, I am like a buffet where sometimes I'm whimsical, sometimes in a fine art mood, and sometimes altered and bent!
It is raining again, and as it does; you will find me in my studio, playing and *sparkling* my joy for creating!


  1. Lea, How great is that, joining US Art Quest Team! Love your samples of course! Glad to meet up with you, even if in St.'ve moved!
    Will share with Patrick. Contact me! Lots to catch up on. Carol/OH SO MUCH FUN!

  2. Hi Lea! Saw you up on the US Art Quest page (from a link on my Hearts in Touch yahoo group) and had to stop by your blog. Looking forward to seeing what you have to show us on Monday.