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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sneak Peak for July 5th Project

Here is a sneak peek of one of my projects for July 5th!  Yes, there are several of them with a nature birdie as the highlight!!  Here is a peak of a pear but you'll have to come back on the 5th to see what I did.  Hmmmm lots of yummy USAQ products there!  Do you know which ones??? :-)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Win A Lila Stamp Image with the Next USAQ DT Tutorial

This is one of my stamp images from Lila's Divine Play!  Leave a comment on July 5th when I post the next USAQ DT Tutorial and you will have a chance to WIN a Lila image.
If you do not have a blog or email, please post a way to get a hold of you along with your comment.

Have Fun, learn new things and WIN a Stamp Image!!!
This prize not affiliated with USArtQuest - just a way to share ideas. 

Comment July 5th - July 9th, prize awarded July 12th!

Below is some art my friend Purnima created with Lila Divine Play Stamps.      

Purnima is a phenominal artist and I treasure her works!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Draw and Gild in More Ways

Now that we have the blog hop in full swing (see below to win a Draw and Gild kit worth $29.99), I wanted to add a few more ideas of art I've done with gilding.

I belong on many groups where artists use a die cut machine of their choice; and many use the 2 major softwares out there SCAL2 or MTC so they can create their own files.

I made a Chinese Take Out Box and cut it out on my machine.  Then I drew some Asian motifs with the Chinese symbol for "peace," and gilded it with the fine line pen.  For a more finished look you can add a bead or two to the wire handle or hang fibers or even an Asian tassle.  Great little box for Gifts.  Easy to do. 

I am very much into wax/encaustics with the added elements of texture with mixed-media design.  Here is a Hot Wax background with a gilded design on top.  I adore laminate chips (perfect ATC size) and have a drawer filled with them.

When you use the fine line pen on wax, you only have to go lightly over the surface.  The pen glides over the wax! 

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Summer is Flowering All Over! USArtQuest Design Team Project #1

Blog Hop PRIZE!
To help celebrate our first design team project, we are so excited to have you participate in the USAQ Blog Hop! To be eligible to win the fabulous prize being offered, you will need to start at the beginning, which is Sarah's blog, and visit each blog on the hop  (leave a comment on my blog as well). You must Leave a Comment On Each Designer's Blog by 11:59 EST, Sunday, June 27th.  This wonderful prize is a tin filled with the very materials used in these projects! The drawing will take place on Monday, June 28th. Here is a complete list of our design teams blogs (just in case you get lost).
Sarah Anderson
Suzi Blu
Jessica Griffin
Jan Hennings
Terri Sproul
Julie Ranae
Connie Vogt

Looking outside my window, I noticed all the beautiful flowers blooming.  Flowers of all types with stunning colors! 

My first project for the USArtQuest Design Team reflects my feelings about these picturesque flowers.

Draw and Gild is a wonderful kit that includes almost all the materials you will need for this project.  The kit even comes in a tin that you can use to design on!  While I love to draw, no drawing experience is necessary!  Use your computer to print patterns to work with (The kit instructions give details on how to do this.).  Not only can you use Duo Adhesive in the pen, but Mica Color Watercolors as well.

Draw and Gild Kit (USArtQuest):
Great Tape (USArtQuest)
Red Metallic Paper (LSS)
Image of Iris (Digi stamp, illustration, or hand drawn)
Container with Water
Covered Work Area

1.  Following instructions in kit package, print a pattern of your choice using your computer.  I drew an iris outline lightly with pencil and added the extra elements for my picture.

2.  Paint the iris, background, and leaves, first with various colors with the Stargazer Mica Color Palette.  To get the paint ready, dip your brush into water, and add to the color you are using.  I either do this a couple times or use a water spritzer and spritz the color I want to use.  Let the water absorb for at least 30-60 seconds, and then swirl your brush into the color.  The consistency of the paint will be creamy and not watery.  At that point the paint is ready to use.  Optional:  I like to mix colors to create new shades.  While it is not necessary, it is fun to experiment.  The center, empty well of the palette is made for this use.

3.  Fill the reservoir of the Fine Line Pen with Duo Embellishing Adhesive.  If you get a bubble, refer to the simple kit instructions that tell you how to remedy this. To get the flow of the adhesive started, tap the pen lightly on a scrap piece of paper.  Follow your pattern and trace over your image.  The Duo Adhesive is white when it is wet but when it is dried and ready, the adhesive is clear.  As Sue says, " If it's white it's not right, if it's clear it adheres."  Make sure all the areas are clear before you go to the next step.

4.  Now to gild with Gildenglitz!  I like to put my Gildenglitz into a plastic container so that it is easy to use and the container catches all the extra little bits and pieces (Called gilding fines.).  Each kit contains a color of Sparkling Mica Powder Pigment.  If you'd like to add a bit of the color before gilding, pick up some on a dry brush and tap onto the area you want.  Pick out the colors of gilding you would like to use and apply to the surface.  You will notice how it sticks to the clear, tacky areas where you drew adhesive with the liner pen.  Take your texture sponge and start to brush off the mica powder, then pick up the card and tilt it into the container brushing and burnishing the surface.  Like magic you see your image come to life with metallic shimmer that further accents the pearlized glimmer of the mica watercolors.  Remove all the excess bits and polish your card using the Appliquate.   

5.  Cut out the flower image.  Apply Great Tape to the back and mount it to the black Folia cardstock.  Trim the black Folia cardstock.  Mount the metallic paper to the back of the black Folia cardstock.  Trim the paper if necessary.


Plant the seeds of creativity and watch them grow!  Blossom as you try new techniques. 

Friday, June 18, 2010

Altered Pages: Fabulous Flowers

I wanted to post the art I did for a kit for Altered Pages called Fabulous Flowers.  Using the fantastic background images from Altered Pages you can make cabbage roses and use them as accents in your art!  I've been going flower CrAzY lately.  And if you love flowers like I do, stay tuned to Monday's blog, I will have my first Design Team Project posted!
I have been researching several ideas for creating flowers, among my research I had seen flower ideas but they were too time consuming, and so thanks to Penny Duncan, she inspired my ideas for my kit.  Her blog is listed on the side bar.     

This kit uses USArtQuest's Perfect Pigments to edge the flowers with extra color.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Experimenting, Following My MUSE

Monday will launch the first project for the USArtquest Design Team.  In anticipation of receiving my supplies a couple weeks ago, I made this little work of art.  I had lost most of my charms, beads, a lot of stamps, and other supplies when I moved to St. Louis (almost 3 years ago.).  I found this Goddess, isn't she cool?  So I put her together as she is floating in bliss.
Things are challenging for me right now so I try to focus on the positive, to follow my bliss and see where it leads me. 
When I received my package from USAQ, my heart sang!  These are materials I've worked with for over 15 years.  While there are many scrapbookers out there and those who like to cut with a die machine like a Cricut, I still liked working with the other type - I guess they would be considered more fine art materials.  I do cut and create but I still incorporate these wonderful materials like PPA, USAQ watercolors (see the shimmer), Perfect Pigments, etc.  I really really really need the glazes and the clear glaze because I love to layer colors on top of each other, as well as collage on top of that. 
My art does not fall into one catagory, I am like a buffet where sometimes I'm whimsical, sometimes in a fine art mood, and sometimes altered and bent!
It is raining again, and as it does; you will find me in my studio, playing and *sparkling* my joy for creating!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

USArtQuest at Collinsville, IL. Stamp Convention!

Susan P. Rothamel is in the HOUSE!  Excitement builds for those waiting to see her.  It has been a couple years for me, I saw Sue at CHA Anaheim but I think it is genius for her to be out at the conventions doing demo's and meeting with the convention attendee's.  I've seen Sue's magic in person,and it is not only fun, but amazing to watch!!!  You always walk away learning so much and being inspired to the MAX.

As a special treat for those who come bringing an ATC to trade at the Marco's booth, they will not only receive an artist's ATC but a project sheet as well!  Marco's, one of the most favorite booths at the show will be buzzing with fun and ideas.  Also, the first 100 people at the booth will receive a free paper pack as well!!  Nothing better than freebies and demonstrations to add fire to your MUSE.

Here is a couple images of ATC's that will be traded during the show.  I have done a Duo/Mica powder background with Perfect Pigments and collage. 

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

HAPPENINGS in St. Louis and around...........

Today is the St. Louis Collage Club. Lots of well-known St. Louis artists share their talents as we mingle, laugh, and are inspired. Today, Mary Beth Shaw will be showing "Icings" a product she sells as well as her stencils.

Saturday is the Collinsville, IL., annual stamp convention.  This convention is not only for the stamper, but the scrapbooker, collage artist, and mixed media artist.  My one MUST stop is at Marco's paper!!!  I've been a part of teaching in Ohio at Adventures In Stamping and Attending The Art Continuum where Marco is always a great booth.  Beyond the paper and Ten Second Studio's metal tools is USArtQuest!!  Ok, you think I'm prejudice because I'm on the design team.  Wonder why I am on the Design Team???  I've have been in love with USAQ products for about 15 years!  Using them as a staple in my art materials and a must to have on hand for my art.  I've taught numerous classes for those who want to create mixed-media projects that either never have and wanted to; or those who have a free spirit and want to express that in an open manner.  Collinsville is just over 1/2 hour from St. Louis, and this show does pretty good for a smaller show. 

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hot Wax Collage Frame

You will find that I enjoy many artistic endeavors of all types!  Wax collage and encaustic works are made easy as I love Kandi's Stylus tool.  The tool I own has 3 tips but there is a new stylus with even more tips.  I have an iron (it is holeless) but I also need Kandi's Handi Iron.  The iron will cover large areas quickly.  Along with Hot Wax Collage, I enjoy creating with image impression, regular encaustic scenic images, abstract, and even with my Cricut Die Cutter.  I think I will be putting a poem or inspirational quote inside the frame

My Children

Have to give a shout out to my children!  Where would I be without them?  Loving, goofy, and fill my heart.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

USArtQuest's Design Team

Exciting News!!!  USArtquest has a new Design Team!!!  Susan P. Rothamel, accomplished collage artist and owner of USArtquest, has been a major source of inspiration as well as a mentor to me over the years.  I've known Sue for over 14 years and it is the products of USAQ that have propelled my spirit of expression in my art.  Products like PPA (Perfect Paper Adhesive), mica powders, and a whole host of glorious art materials!  I am Zen when I use these products.  Look for my projects posted here, along with instructions so you can join the adventure letting your spirit soar!

Julie Ranae is our Senior Design Team Leader, a creative, consumate professional who I had the pleasure of workingfor/teaching at her store Murray and Company.
It is an extreme honor and pleasure to work along side these talented artists who join me as USAQ's Design Team:
Sarah Anderson
Suzi Blu
Jessica Griffin
Jan Henning
Terri Sproul
Connie Vogt

The links to their exceptional blogs are listed over to the right under the USAQ DT Logo.

I look forward to travelling down some unusual roads to bring you some awesome ideas in art with USAQ products.

Jumping in with both feet....

For years my artist peers and students have asked me to start a blog. I've hesitated and procrastinated thinking I would never keep up with a blog and it would hang forever in cyberspace. I think now I am at a point where I just decided to jump in and start this blog. USArtQuest (one of my fav art companies) started a new design team and with my contributions to the team; I will embrace this new adventure! Not only do I want to be fair to the DT artists I will be creating a long side, I didn't want to leave the Senior DT Leader with a lot of work uploading my art to the USAQ blog.

So here I go, into a black hole, a new universe, sharing my art, thoughts and feelings. Thank you all for coming along for the ride! Put the top down and let the breeze fly through your hair!